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Welcome To My New Mobile Site, Shahid Malla from H2ogam Rafiabad Baramulla 9018050960 We Are a Sleeping But Not Death We Are Coming new hackers shahid malla is back friends today i will explain you how to hack the Facebookpassword or accounts remotely using keylogger. Its a 100% working hackand you can easily hack anyone's Facebook account or password using this hack. In this tutorial i will explain you how to hack Facebook and other passwords of any user using 100%FUD keylogger . The keylogger in this tutorial we will discuss is L33ts keylogger adn its 100% FUD(fully undetectable). Hacking Facebook account is very easy and just requires not more than 10 minutesof work. Don't worry iwill also tell you how to protect your facebook account or passwords from suchhacks and hackers. But for this you mustknow how hackers hack your facebook account. So first i teach you how to hack facebook account remotely andthen i will tell how to protect yourself fromthis. NOTE: This tutorial is for Educational purposes only i.e.to make you aware how hackers hack your Facebook accounts. Please don't misuse it. I and Isoftdl is not responsible for any damage caused by you. So guys lets staNew Hacking Tricks By Shahid Malla
Shahid Malla
+919018050960 How to Hack Facebook using Remote keylogger
Q) What is a keylogger ?
A) A keylogger is a program or software which logs or track the keystrokes by the user and saves them into a file.
Q) Where does it saves the Keylogs?
A) It saves the logs into a text file which is present either in windows directory orin cache memory .
Q) Since it saves logs in the Pc ,do i need physical access to that computer?
A) Not necessarily ,It depends on the keylogger you are using .
If you are using a remote keylogger you dont need physical access to that computer. The logger will automatically upload the logs to your ** FTP SERVER **,website,email…
Files needed :-
Fearless keyspy v 2.0 :- http://www.mediafire.com/?rm9aei369ha5h8t
Filezilla Ftp client :- http://filezilla-project.org/download.php
1) Download and extract all the files.
2) Open FKS 2.0.exe
3) Server name : enter any name you want but it should resemble to something relatedto
windows processes,something like “csrsss.exe” or “explore.exe”.
4) Reg key : leave it as it is.
5) Remove file : You could enter any weird name.
6) Victim name : enter yourvictim ‘s name .
7) Get and exec : Leave it as it is.
8) Go to Logging options byclicking on “ logging Options ” in Left side.
9) Log File Name : Enter your victim ‘s name with a .txt extension ex rishabh.txt
10) When log gets _____ byteslong, upload it . : Enter 5000.
11) Go to “ Upload Options ” .
12) Enter the Ftp server details accordingly Server host in “ ftp server ” ,user name in “ FTP user ” , password in FTP password and /victimname in “ upload dir “.
13)After that click on Build server and your keylogger will create a file named server.exe in the keyloggerdirectory i.e. the folder where you extracted the Fks files.
14)Rename server.exe with something cooler like “ counter strike 1.6 ” or anything else.
15)Send this file to your Victims .As soon as he executes the file ,His logs will start uploading at your Ftp server.
16)After that open Filezilla and fill your Ftp details .
Then it will show 2 columns one containing your Hard diskdata in the right side and other in the left will be your Files in your web hosting account . Download the logs toyour pc and Serach for email accounts and their passwords.
You will find many other intersting things too in that file like what your victim searches on google,what does he do almost everythinghe types !!

Facebook hack

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Hacking means Get the Admin Rights on any Site and Upload ur Deface.In simple words, You can say that it means Breaking the Security
H - Hide IP
A - Aim Victim
C - Crack Encrypt
K - Kill Firewall
E - Enter into Database
R - Return Anonymous
here is a quick new hack on how to intrude in the PC which is shut downed at Cyber cafe. (Don’t Forget to read our disclaimer at the bottom of the post.)
1. As you all must have know these days all Cyber cafe owners have a program for administration to controlall PC’s in local area network. So all files can be inter transmitted.
2. First of all press Ctrl+Alt+Del the task manager or any controlling application, will open. Then from APPLICATIONS select theprogram that is controlling all PC’s & terminate it, This is for security reason. Now log of PC, & you ll get user names of the PC.
3. But some times, cybercafes have security clients installed that have restricted access toTask Manager , restart the computer & press F8 continuously before windows boots.
The Menu will open, select Safe Mode from it.And now you can copy files from networked PC’s without any security layer.
Next step is where you’ll need to crack the hashes. SO go to your home PC , Download & install Saminside cracking tool. And from some another Cyber cafetry to crack the hashes of that PC. By same log off method explained below.
This where you actually perform hacking. Have a gret time & tell us weather it worked for you.
Meanwhile if you can get IP address, of the PC you wish to hack try to get it from ip-explorer.com, but this is not the part of thishack its sort of next stepof hacking from outside the network.
Disclaimer : The trick here explained it for educational purpose only& not to perform illegal or criminal activities. Don’t forget hacking intosome one’s privacy is considered as crime. SO do it on your home network that you own or something. We are not responsible for anything you do & consequences of it by using our articles

How to hack facebook, twitter,Gmail password using Winspy Keylogger
Keylogger is also onr of the best ways to hack password of facebook, gmail or any other website account. In this post i am going to show how to hack passwords using winspy keylogger.
Read the steps givn below:
1. First of all get your Winspy keylogger. Download itfrom the link given below
Download Here
2. After downloading , run the program and create the user id and pasword. Remember this password as it is required each time you start Winspy and even while uninstalling.
3. Then a new dialog box will open to show you the hotkey (Ctrl Shift F12 ) to start keylogger.
4. Now press the hot key written in last step to go to the login form and enter login details to login.
5 . Now you are on main screen of the software. CLink on remote at top and then remote install .
> user – type in the slave’s name
> file name – Name the file to be sent. Use the name such that slave will love to accept it.
> file icon – keep it the same
> picture – select the picture you want to apply to the keylogger.
In the textfield of “Email keylog to” , enter your email address.
6. click on “Create Remote file”.
You just need to send thsfile to the person whom you want to hack. If slave runs this on his system, you will get all his keylogs in your email. Check for passwords in keylogs..